We at Condom Point offer you a choice by helping show a way to purchase condoms in complete privacy and total confidentiality.


India has a population of one billion, around half of whom are adults in the sexually active age group. Now here’s a familiar scenario - Most of us are very confident to walk into a store to buy chocolates and sweets however, when it comes to buying condoms some of us are still hesitant and shy away. The wrong vibes keep coming to our head, “What will the shopkeeper think?”, “Should I buy it from a store further away from my house, so no one recognizes me”, “it’s very embarrassing to go and ask someone for a condom.” and so forth and so on.


We, at Condom Point recognized such issues and felt it necessary to establish an online store which would allow you and your friends to make purchases of condoms without any worries.


We provide you the means of coming over this embarrassing situation (for many Indians especially dwelling in smaller towns) and helping you bring this important product to your doorstep in complete discreet packaging. In this manner, no one but YOU, will know what you have purchased, what you have received and it would save you from answering embarrassing questions which may be posed by your extended family or children.


We, at Condom Point, feel that the basic point of buying condoms is to practice safe sex. India has the world’s third largest population suffering from AIDS/HIV and condoms have a 99.99% guarantee of helping one avoid pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Primary Concern: Delivery:

The word condom or any related word will not be mentioned anywhere on your delivery package. The senders name will appear as Unified Prints, which is our parent company.

Packaging will be done in discreet manner in brown packaging for complete privacy and confidentiality, not revealing the contents of the items inside.



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